The Bathroom of Your Dreams

Whether you want to renovate your old bathroom or are moving into a new home and need to decide on the style of your new bathroom, it’s crucial that you think about your lifestyle first. Maybe you have a whole concept thought out, or want a certain style, but if it doesn’t fit into the life you’re living right now, it’s not going to be practical for you in the long run. I’m not talking about installing some crazy appliances, I’m talking about the functionality of things, their style, and the way they’re arranged.

Sometimes I come across clients who don’t know what they want and expect me to solve their problems and answer all their questions, but that’s not my place. You don’t have to have everything figured out to the T, but you have to have some vague idea about what you want to achieve. The only good advice I can give you is to have both a shower and a tub put in, if you have enough space, and to have a tankless heater installed, because it saves a lot of water and energy. But, everything else around that is up to you.

Some clients prefer to have a cozy bathroom, lots of rugs below the sink, a lot of ornaments and artwork. You should be careful in your choice of decor because the bathroom is a humid place and putting delicate decor in there, like something very valuable and expensive isn’t worth it. The materials are also very important, and this is something that I can help you with because it’s my specialty.

You should also think about cleaning. If you don’t like clutter, you should opt for a minimalist design, obviously. If you don’t have enough time to clean, then the organization of the items you have in your bathroom is key. Getting baskets for organizing things into categories, putting in some cabinets and shelves for easier management, and putting a lot less decor so as to relieve yourself from extra work.

Organizing your cleaning supplies is key. If you keep them in your bathroom, then we’ll have to find an elegant way to put them somewhere outside of reach for kids, but practical enough for you to keep them on hand when you need them.

I know it sounds complicated, but all of this is my job. Yours is to have a clear vision of what you’d like to achieve and leave the rest to me!