Lady, I’m Just Here for your Bedroom

Interior design is my passion. I believe that rooms should reflect the occupant as much as possible rather than the designer. When you work with clients, you have to explain that there are no cookie cutter solutions and that imitating a “look” breeds monotony and a lack of originality. You have to work as a team to come up with good ideas that the client can live with and feel positive about. You don’t give a country girl a home full of ultra-modern sleek furniture. You don’t design an eclectic space for a purist who revels in a particular style. In other words, mixing things up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I had a client who had what I call “horror vacui” or a fear of empty space in Greek (also known as kenophobia). Painters who have it will fill a canvas with endless images or forms, much like Jackson Pollock’s intricate skeins of paint drippings that leave no white canvas apparent. This client liked art work everywhere filling the walls and shelf after shelf of knickknacks. It was a feat for the eye because the end product was done well.

I believe in customization as you can see. I had another eccentric client who was a beauty product junkie. She needed ample space in her bathroom drawers for her vast collection. As her designer, I was required to organize everything to be within easy reach. It was simple to install drawer dividers. I had the additional job of beautifying her bedroom and installing a new headboard. I was in the middle of my work when I heard a shrill cry coming from the locked bathroom. What on earth? When she emerged shortly thereafter, she was moaning and groaning about what had happened when she removed her false eyelashes. Her own lashes were pulled out in the process and she was aghast. I hated to stop work as I had another job that day, but I took a breather to console her. She wanted to have Eyelashes to Die For. Of course, I had no idea so we looked it up on the Internet together. I learned more than I cared to know about eyelashes. As a matter of fact, they fall on regularly as new lashes emerge. It is like the hair on your head. It also sheds and regrows as part of the normal processes of nature. My client was thrilled that she would not look strange for months and months to come. She could use more eyelash extensions in the interim to mask the problem.

As a designer, I am often called upon to do odd jobs and this day was one of the strangest I had ever experienced. I don’t fancy myself a cosmetics expert but somehow I was called upon to offer advice in unknown territory. I prefer to stick with selecting artwork and decorative objects, a duvet and matching shams, or couch pillow fabric.