Why I Hate Pinterest

Yes, I’ve said it. I hate Pinterest. If you have been living under a rock for the past few years and don’t know what Pinterest is, it is a virtual dream board for its users. They scour the internet “pinning” things that they like. In theory, it is a great system for someone like me to keep track of interesting textiles, furniture, or design features that I see online for various projects.

However, in reality, it is a do-it-yourself horror story in the making. There are all kinds of crafty ways to refurbish, repurpose, or make décor. I will be the first to tell you, as someone who has been in this field for a decade, that there are some things you just should not try to do yourself. Reupholstering a chair may look easy, and those before and after shots you see on Pinterest may look great. But if you don’t know anything about chair assembly or fabrics, this may not be a great task for you to tackle on your own. There are too many variables to deal with when you’re inexperienced. First, you don’t know the skill level of the other person. It may take them 15 minutes because they worked in a furniture restoration store for 30 years; that doesn’t mean it will be quick for you. They may have attempted it 50 times before and this is the one time it worked out for them. The chair they are using might be a different design or made of different material than yours, which matters significantly when you start disassembling the chair or try to adhere the new fabric to it. You also cannot tell what kind of fabric they are using. It could be specially made, it could be a thick textile, it could be anything,really. It is possible the fabric you buy is too thin and your staples won’t hold, or you put in too much batting and then don’t have the proper amount of material to properly cover the bottom even if you diligently measured and cut the fabric properly.

There are so many reasons why your project may not come out like the one you see online, and instead of feeling like the person misrepresented the task or that they may have professional training, you start to take it personally. Many of my clients—smart, capable, successful women—are reduced to tears because they cannot measure up to these Pinterest queens. That bothers me so much. If you have a few spare moments, search for “Pinterest fails” and you’ll see what I am talking about. While I admire people’s attempts at saving money or their ingenuity in trying something new, I am a professional. I have taken courses and studied the proper techniques. I have cultivated relationships with other professionals who can do these jobs to your specifications for a fair price. It is part of my job to make things easier and more beautiful for my clients.

Let’s leave Pinterest out of it, OK?