Design With You in Mind

Interior design may feel intimidating to most people. There are too many options out there: materials, patterns, colors, designs, and features. Even buying something as simple as a lamp can be incredibly complicated. People are afraid to make the wrong decisions, and that’s why they hire someone like me. Of course, I am a professional designer with a fancy education and years of experience, so I have a better grasp on what is going to look good together and what will go nicely in the space you have.But a well put together, color coordinated home isn’t necessarily what everyone wants. Let’s face it, some people are going to go Frat Boy Chic whether they are paying me to help them or not. But that is because that’s what appeals to them for whatever reason, bless their poor misguided little hearts.

Here is the secret to interior design: it is all about personal taste. If you are the type of person who likes pink walls, green curtains, and a purple sofa, then that is what you should have. And if it is what you tell a designer you like and they don’t listen, you shouldn’t work with them. Modifying or or tweaking your vision a little may be necessary based on what they can find in your price range, so you could end up with pink walls, lime green and pink stripes in the curtains, and purple cushions on the couch, but it should reflect what you were going for. It should still be what you want. If you walk into your living room and think it is the greatest place in the world to be because you have a couch that is the same color as your favorite team’s jersey or because it has the perfect light for you to read by or it has storage so you never have to see all of your kids’ toys—that is what really matters.

It doesn’t matter if your room is never going to make the cover of a design magazine. Most rooms won’t. And you want to know the thing about rooms like the ones you see in design magazines? They’re usually for show. Or they’re taken at the end of a design project before the client comes in and decides to move stuff around or add their books and knickknacks to the shelves. In other words, they look good because they aren’t actually lived in. They may reflect the client’s personal taste, but they are typically lacking in the client’s personality. You can’t compare your room to a space like that. It’s like comparing a house cat to a tiger. Sure the tiger is a magnificent and gorgeous creature, but you can actually sit with a cat in your lap and pet it. One is something you visit and admire and the other is something you can actually live with.

Whether you hire someone or you do it yourself, design the room with yourself in mind. Know what you want in the room and what your vision for the space is. It will give you a jumping off point and a goal to work toward.